Management Principles

Our company was established in 1958 by Kazuo Morooka (Former Chairman)
In Japan, at that time, in order to increase the rice and vegetable production, we were opening new arable land. Here in Ryugasaki City, land was being cultivated as well. To provide water for farming, digging wells and pipe installation work became the starting point of Morooka. Based on this type of work, we had many marsh land work and sometimes the construction machines sank into the muddy earth and got stuck, so movement in this type of soil was very difficult, which was a constant issue.
At that point in the work, to make our work more easily, we developed our own light weight construction machinery. This was the beginning of our company to go into the manufacturing business. The machines we developed were, the pipe installation earth digging trencher and vehicle to move materials. Especially, light weight and able to travel in marsh land, we developed the “Rubber Crawler” and to better handle the operation a “HST drive system”. So in 1975, we started to manufacture the Rubber Crawler with HST system “trencher”, “bulldozer”, “off road carrier”. It is our basic management principle that we develop machines from the stand point of our customer needs.




We shall provide high quality and innovative products that satisfy our customers.
We will aim “To open a new frontier where no path has ever existed” and to have a company with vitality.
We shall promote harmonious relations with society and earth’s environment protection. As one part of our social responsibility, Morooka will continue to actively work for the community.