Corporate History

March 1958 Established as a construction company
Nov 1966 Established as Morooka Industry Ltd.
Aug 1971 Company name change to Morooka Co.,Ltd
Aug 1975

Production start and sales of hydraulic trencher, bulldozer and off road carrier


off road carrier

Oct 1977

crawler shovel

Start of delivery of crawler shovel and carrier to the base camp at the South Pole

Oct 1978

MST-500 for ultra soft terrain

Development of the big size carrier (500mm width) and released the new model MST-500 for ultra soft terrain

May 1986 Start of supplying OEM to Komatsu
Oct 1988 Opening of new branch office (Cyugoku office)
Mar 1989 Released the big size carrier MST-2200
Apr 1989 Start of supplying OEM to Hitachi
May 1990

new production point

Opening of Tomakomai Factory (new production point in Hokkaido)

Sept 1990

farm tractor

Start of production and sales of farm tractor

Oct 1990

Ministry of Defense

Start of delivery of carrier to Ministry of Defense

Apr 1993

Kumamoto Factory

Opening of the Kumamoto Factory in Kyushu

Oct 1994 Opening of a new branch office (Tohoku office)
Apr 2000

wood crusher

Released the wood crusher (one of the environment products)

Mar 2003 Establishing of Morooka U.S.A. corporation
Mar 2003 Opening of new branch office (Hokushinetsu office)
May 2005 Moving the Head office and factory to Ryugasaki
July 2007 Completion of Head office and factory
Mar 2008 50th years anniversary
Jun 2008 Opening of new branch office (Kyushu office)
Jun 2011

Emergency order

Emergency order for carrier received from Ministry of Defense

July 2011 Opening of Morooka Development Center
Jan 2012 Release of Morooka Five Years Plan
Mar 2012

solar panel

Setting a solar panel on the factory

July 2012 Starting of production in the U.S.A.
Sept 2012 Acquisition and certification of ISO14001 
Jul  2016 Establishment of Morooka America 
Apr 2017 Establishment of Morooka Europe GmbH
Mar 2018 60th years anniversary
Jan 2020
Acquired the land and building at Virginia USA.