Rotary Screen

MOROOKA Rotary Screen

MRS series


This machine is used to sort chips, and remove wood waste and sand after crushing.

Rotary type system
This type is an effective way to sort chips because wood waste hardly slip through the mesh of screen and non-clogging.


Two (2) layer screen
By changing the 2 layer screen, various sizes (3 sizes) can be sorted.
The smallest 10mm of sorting is possible. By sorting the sizes evenly for chips, you can put a reusable high value on the product.


Horizontal level rotating method
The horizontal level rotating method being supported by 4 point bearing keeps the work environment pleasant with less noise.


Outrigger with hydraulic oil system.
The outrigger which support the machine is a hydraulic oil system and has excellent stabilization.
















Machine Weightkg3,7007,800
Screen Areamm1200 x 24001700 x 3700
Dia of Standard Screen Uppermm40Φ (option 30Φ、50Φ)
Dia of Standard Screen Lowmm10Φ (option 15Φ、20Φ)
Processing Capacity Standardm3/hLiving tree 15-25,
Construction material 40-50
Living tree 25-40,
Construction material 50-70
Vibration Distancemm100100
Number of revolutionrpm/min130-150140-160
Dimension Heightmm2,5202,600
Dimension Lengthmm4,7005,900
Dimension Widthmm2,3502,600
Engine ModelKUBOTA V2203KUBOTA V3307
Engine Rated output46/280075/2200
Hydraulic Pressurekg/cm2250280
Speed 1 Lowkm/h69
Speed 2 Highkm/h69
Ground Pressure emptykg/cm20.160.14
Crawler Widthmm350500