CSR and Quality Policy


Commitment to protecting the earth’s environment

Basic theory

We have clearly defined our commitment to
protecting the earth’s environment in the
Morooka Earth Environment Charter
(established in 2011). Under this charter,
we have positioned the earth’s environment as a top management priority and are promoting environmental conservation activities decisively and thoroughly.
Our basic slogan is “Blue sky, clean water and beautiful nature shall be handed down to our children”


Basic principle
1.Morooka, as a pioneer of rubber crawler products with HST system in the field of construction, agriculture, forestry and environment, has established an environment management system, promoting the reduction of environment impact in all operations, ranging from research and development, purchasing and manufacturing to sales and services.


2.Morooka shall comply with all laws and regulations, including those concerning environmental conservation and shall fulfill CSR.


3.For the important items, Morooka shall set an environmental target to review regularly as long as it is technically and economically feasible.


4.For the following items, Morooka shall aggressively work to protect environment impact and keep continuous improvement of environment management system.
 (1)Reduction of energy consumption by being efficient in our work process.
 (2)Promoting to reuse the natural resources for ecology
 (3)Promoting the development and manufacturing of an environmental machine to recycle materials such as wood products.
 (4)Keeping in mind when we make a product, to consider all stages from the manufacturing to elimination making sure to reduce the burden to the environment.
 (5)Purchasing ecological Products


5.Our company, strive to increase the consciousness to understand with all our employees and cooperating companies by using our environment training, publication, being in contact with the local area.


December 22, 2011
Morooka Co.,Ltd
President Masami Morooka

Quality and Reliability Policy

Quality and Reliability Policy (Enacted January 2012)

Morooka will always provide environmental friendly, safe and innovative products, services to our customers.

Morooka will always provide the highest quality and innovative products, services to keep customer’s trust and satisfaction. Manufacturing a high quality product is the same as educating and disciplining the people.
As a member of society, Morooka has an important responsibility to provide to our customers the highest quality products and services, based on Japanese pride.


January 5, 2012 Morooka Co.,Ltd
President Masami Morooka