Stationary Tub Grinder (Wood crusher)


 High functionality


 efficiency with a low price








Reasonable Price 

The MC-2500T is stationary tub grinder.

By removing the crawler system, MC-2500T maintains the same capability and quality of the MC-2000VA.

Affordability is key with the removal of the crawler system, resulting in a reliable, fixed unit.


MC2500T MC2500T
Easy Maintenance

A simple structure makes easy maintenance (inspection, repair, parts replacement), the same as other models. In addition, easy operability by a simple lever.

MC2500T MC2500T
Two types of cutter drums on your needs

MC-2500T is compatible with new cutter blade (right figure).

The new cutter blade has more capability compared to the triangle blade type (left figure).

MC 三角刃

Triangle blade

MC カッター刃

Cutter blade (optional)



 Dimension / Specification


Machine Weight 8,600 kg
Tier 2, EU Stage Ⅱ
Rated Output140 kW / 2,200 rpm
Piston Displacement7,540 cc
Overall Length5,055 mm
Overall Width2,400 mm
Overall Height2,535 mm
Crawler Width
Belt conveyor Width × Length620×3,140±250 mm
Tub Depth × Opening inside diameter1,300×1,800 mm
Travel Speed
Fuel Tank Capacity172 ℓ

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