Congratulation! Kisenosato has promoted as sumo’s 72nd yokozuna

Kisenosato (Kisenosato Yutaka)has won at first Sumo competition in 2017 and has promoted as Yokozuna (a sumo wrestler of the highest rank) on 25th of January. He used be living in Ryuugasaki where our head quarter and its plant located at in his childhood. We have given him a Kesho mawashi (sumo wrestler’s ornamental apron) and have been cheering him. We sincerely wish he keep going well as a honor of our town.

稀勢の里優勝-1024x768 稀勢の里化粧まわし4-1024x768
稀勢の里化粧まわし2-1024x768 稀勢の里化粧まわし6-768x1024