Maximum Processing Diameter 450mm








01.特徴 Feature 共通


Tough undercarriage & Compact design

Thick, seamless rubber tracks provide outstanding durability! The rubber crawler is driven by The HST (Hydro Static Transmission) system. Hydraulic drive transmission provides smooth movement.
MRC-3000 is self-propelled, so it can drive directly into the jobsite with its fold-able discharge conveyor.


MRC-3000 コンパクト設計




Specialized for crushing large diameter and long material!

The greatest advantage of the horizontal grinder is that long materials can be crushed quickly. The maximum processing diameter is 450 mm, and the cutter rotation speed and material feed speed can be set arbitrarily, so that high-quality wood chips for biomass fuel can be produced in an appropriate size.


MRC-3000 最大処理径 投入口




Automatic reverse system

If the cutter drive pressure or cutter rotation speed drop rate falls below the set value during crushing, the feed roller and feed conveyor automatically reverse to prevent material clogging. With this function, materials can be crushed smoothly.


MRC-3000 破砕モニター
*The setting value can be changed.



Choice of crushing blade and screen size

Crushing blades and screens can be selected from several types according to the size and shape of the material to be produced.


MRC-3000 切削刃 スクリーン







02.メンテナンス Maintenance 共通

Improvement in maintainability

Each components are arranged for efficient inspection and maintenance. The front grille which has a large opening, making it easy to perform inspections and maintenance.


MRC-3000 メンテナンス 開口部


03.安全 Safety 共通

Emergency stop switch

3 emergency stop switches are installed on both side faces of the product body and operation console.


MRC-3000 緊急停止スイッチ

*Do not use the emergency stop switch except in an emergency



Remote control

Equipped with a remote control for crushing operation. Operations such as starting and stopping material feed and stopping the engine in an emergency can be performed from the operator’s cab of the hydraulic excavator that feeds materials, reducing the user’s burden.


MRC-3000 遠隔操作 リモコン















?Specification / Dimensions




MRC-3000 三面図
Dimension & PerformanceTravel Speed(High/Low)kph3.0/2.0
Ground pressurekPa59.1
Machine Weight(kg13,700
Overall Length
(Conveyor folded)
Overall Widthmm2,415
Overall Heightmm3,110
Ground Clearancemm345
Crawler Widthmm500
Overall Length (Transport)mm8,940
Overall Height (Transport)mm2,800
Conveyor DimensionDischarge Conveyor Lengthmm4,025
Feed Conveyor Lengthmm2,975
Conveyor Ground Clearancemm3,110
Feed Dimension & Crushing BladeMaximum Processing Diametermm450
Mill-box opening (Width × Height)mm770 × 540
Crushing BladeCutter Blade, 6pcs
EngineNameCaterpillar C7.1
Nominal OutputkW(HP)/rpm186.5(250)/2,200
Tank CapacityFuel Tank Capacity395
DEF Tank Capacity32
Emission StandardTier4 Final/ EU Stage Ⅳ


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