Suited for your job site


The right size tub grinder

for any job!!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Suitable design and equipment for operation

The MC-4000 is mid-sized tub grinder in MC-series.

Along with being the perfect size for any job, the layout of the operation space is simple and intuitive.

Equipped with Morooka’s rubber crawlers on the undercarriage along with our HST system. They enable you to work with high efficiency on rough terrain.


Triangle blade (standard)


Cutter blade (optional)

The triangle blade is standard.

The cutter blade is available as an option.


High visibility of information by digital monitor


Digital monitor

MC-4000                        Analog meters

Digital monitor displays machine information.

Additionally, analog meters are also installed.


Easy accessibility for maintenance




Clean-up and maintenance are easy with the flat body design.

Access to the engine compartment is enhanced for ease of routine servicing as well.


 Dimension / Specification


Machine Weight15,400 kg
EngineCAT C15
Tier 3, EU Stage Ⅲ
Rated Output354 kW / 2,100 rpm
Piston Displacement15,200 cc
Overall Length5,900 mm
Overall Width2,720 mm
Overall Height2,840 mm
Crawler Width600 mm
Belt conveyor Width × Length700×4,000 mm
Tub Depth × Opening inside diameter1,340×2,000 mm
Travel Speed0 ~ 3 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity470 ℓ

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