Max. Payload  20,000kg






01.特徴 Feature 共通

360° Full Rotating Crawler Carrier

The machine could change travel direction at narrow space without pivot turn and spin turn since upper structure can rotate. The rotating function also eases the machine to unload.


MST-4000VDR 旋回 360





High performance movement and excellent traction

Thick, seamless rubber tracks provide outstanding durability! The rubber crawler is driven by The HST (Hydro Static Transmission) system. Hydraulic drive transmission provides smooth movement.
Rubber crawler width of MST-4000VDR is 850mm which is widest ever in KURU-KURU carrier series. The undercarriage, which has been reinforced with Bridgestone’s high-strength rubber crawlers, achieves stable driving and durability. Running cost will also be reduced.

MST-4000VDR ゴムクローラ




Caution lamps and monitor display have been centralized at right hand side of operator seat.

Caution lamps and monitor display have been centralized at right hand side of operator seat. machine status including amount of fuel, voltage, engine rotation, caution lamp lighting when problem occurs can be easily checked.


MST-4000VDR モニター




Hardox® In My Body certified dump body has been applied

Newly applied Hardox® In My Body certified dump body improves durability of the dump bed and also contributes running cost reduction due to its longer life than conventional tipping body.
MST-4000VDR 荷箱 荷台 HARDOX


Electric Control Joystick

Electric control travel lever has been introduced. Intuitive operation is possible with only the left-hand joystick for driving. Driving posture has also been improved compared to conventional machines, reducing operator’s fatigue. In addition, operation systems such as super slow mode, auto cruise (option), horn, spin turn and high speed/low speed switching are integrated into the travel lever, allowing the vehicle to travel as the operator wishes.
MST-4000VDR 走行レバー



Auto Decel function and ECO mode

Engine speed is reduced by 10% in eco mode to reduce fuel consumption. Eco mode can be activated/deactivated on the monitor in the operator seat.
The “Auto Decel function” automatically lowers the engine speed when idling for a certain period of time, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions and noise.
MST-4000VDR オートデセル エコモード - 03


02.メンテナンス Maintenance 共通


Improvement in maintainability

Each components are arranged for efficient inspection and maintenance. The front grille which has a large opening, making it easy to perform inspections and maintenance. DEF tank is placed next to the fuel tank for added convenience.


MST-4000VDR 尿素タンク 燃料タンク エンジン開口部 02


03.安全 Safety 共通


The cabin with great comfort and visibility is compatible with ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) to protect the operator.


MST-4000VDR キャビン




Safety functions 

You can stop the vehicle’s engine by pressing the emergency stop switch.


The engine does not start unless the parking brake is turned on, preventing unintended operation after the engine starts.


A safety lock lever is equipped on left side of the seat. By installing a safety lock lever in addition to the parking brake, safety is greatly improved and accidents caused by unintended movements are prevented.


MST-4000VDR 安全装備

*Do not use the emergency stop switch except in an emergency



Enhanced safety functions 

Equipped with an around view monitor that allows you to check all 360-degree directions from above. It enhances safety during the work.


A large LED headlight is placed on the upper part of the cabin, making it safer to work at night or in dark places.


When the upper body turns, the warning light mounted on the rear upper part of the cabin lights up to inform the surroundings that the machine is turning.


MST-4000VDR 安全な作業










 Specification / Dimensions



Maximum Payload20,000kg
Loading Capacity (Struck / Heaped)7.8/10.25m³
Speed (High / Low)0~11.2 / 0~7.3km/h
Ground Pressure (Empty / Laden)45.0/81.4 kPa
Machine Weight24,740kg
Overall Length6,800mm
Overall Width3,200mm
Overall Height3,400mm
Min. Ground Clearance620mm
Crawler Width850mm
Dump Bed (Inner)
Length × Width × Height
3,800 × 2,850 × 700mm
Engine NameCAT C9.3B
Nominal Output310kW/2,200min-1
Fuel Tank Capacity400ℓ
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity195ℓ
DEF Tank Capacity-
Emission StandardTier4 Final
EU Stage Ⅴ


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