Rubber Crawler Pioneer

In 1978 as Morooka first announced the world first rubber track crawler, a lot of people were septic about this possibility.
However, what played an active role was the harsh weather condition in the snowy region of Japan.
Noew our Rubber track crawler can even found in the Antarctic. In fact the Morooka rubber track crawler shows his strength in fields where other machines may have difficulties.
Since then, Morooka has nurtured his product based on the demands and needs of all their users. From the development beginning to now, each parts of the crawler - the rubber arranged to have the best quality possible, the HST driving system that keeps to minimum the damage on the crawler etc. – were refined over the years to become well-balanced and reliable parts. Thanks to that, Morooka machines are used right now in all parts of the world where unstable ground condition can be found.
Snow, Mud, Slope… As rubber crawler pioneer, we acquired full knowledge in different field applications and are striving to bring to perfection each and every parts of the crawler. The engraved Logo “MOROOKA” is the proof of that.

Sincerely yours
The Rubber Crawler Pioneer

Crawler Parts

Rubber Crawler


Segmented Sprocket



Carrier Roller Ass'y

Track Roller Ass'y

Pivot Shaft/Plate/Bush

Crusher Parts

Hammer Drum

Cutter Drum

Reinforced Cutter Tips (Dragon Fang)

Reinforced Screen

Cutter Plate

Cutter Blade